Water Features


A water feature can provide a captivating statement in the landscape. Attention is seized through sound and movement which helps create a certain atmosphere.

An entry statement, a private courtyard feature or a focal point in the rear landscape, the options will be shaped by the home and how the designed landscape manipulates the existing form of the land.

Whilst the number of mass produced water features available has grown, a customised water feature ensures that it not only is perfectly suited to the surrounding design and landscape but also that it is unique, having been designed specifically to suit its surrounds.

If strategically located close to the home a water feature can bring the outdoors in. Capturing its view and sound from within the home will help to convey a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation indoors bringing about a better indoor/outdoor connection.

Water features can serve to link various parts of the landscape and provide interaction as you navigate your way from one area to another. Timber bridges, stepping stones and glass walkways serve as a means to cross the water, enhancing the connection between you and the landscape.

Large scale water features such as ponds or dams on acreage estates are also a captivating option where space is available. A singular body of water or a multi-layered watercourse, they can be designed to mimic nature with the use of boulders & rocks, aquatic plants and an informal planting scheme. These water features can also serve as a life source for the property, collecting rain and transporting it for storage for re-use in irrigation systems.

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